An Earth Letter to Human !

THINK while we take a break!!

As #COVID__19 is to Human; Human are to Nature
Think of Nature was to find vaccine for itself of infestation by us ‘The Human Being’.

EARTH letter to Human👇

With 8 Billion, and still counting, you have caused severe damage to me.

#Deforestation has been major cause of disturbing my other family members animal. What if you were to live alone without Animals and Vegetation? You have shaved 3.9 million square miles (10 million Sq KM) of forest since start of 20th Century



#GlobalWarming has caused Glaciers been receding since 18000 BC. However, rate of depletion has increased alarmingly since Industrial revolution.
Ancient Dwarka Nagari was once an occupied place submerged into water. You must think again before it engulfs more land

Animals you eat have already outweighed the total weight of wild animal for your #NonVegetarian habits.
You bred them to satisfy your buds. Another cause of increase in green house effect.

How do I warn you of the pain I am suffering. You don;t understand my language. Hurricanes, Wild Fire, Rain deficit, floods. This is only a sign language I know


Now that we are taking a break. Choose your choices.

You can chose to cure my deeper sickness.

By protecting wild and wonderful form, you protect yourself.

What Future do you choose?

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