“Calculus” – Work of Mādhava of Sangamagrama

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No it’s not Newton who should get complete credit for Calculus.Had Mādhava of Sangamagrama (14th Century) & his school not been there “Calculus” would have been incomplete. Read thread.

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2/n Had Mādhava not been there we couldn’t have moved to infinite form of mathematics from finite form. In Europe,the first such series were developed by James Gregory in 1667. Mādhava’s work is notable for the series,but what is truly remarkable is his estimate of an error term.

3/n The formulas in Sanskrit👇🏼

Source for 2/n & 3/n
“On an Untapped Source of Medieval Keralese Mathematics” by CT Rajagopal & Ms Rangachari (math.mit.edu/classes/18.01/… )