Ekatma Manava Darshan

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Prodded by ModiJi, I’m writing about a book that I read & why I think it is important
One of the important book that I’ve read recently is the Sanatan Dharmik, completely Indian, Integral Humanism viz Ekatma Manava Dharshanam of Pt Deendayal Upadhyaya Ji
Being Sanatan loosely translated as Eternal, it is good for all times to come. It propunds the need right from an Individual, to a group to citizens at large to attain the 4 Purusharts of Sanatan existence comprising
1-Arth ( various aspects of wealth creation)
2-Kaama (Pleasure or seeking love, procreation)
3-Keeping Dharma (Righteous Ethics & Values) foremost
4-So that the spiritually inclined can attain Moksha or realisation of oneself
It appealed to me both as an ism for advancement of the individual & the society at large from Panchayat to the Union of India
As I read it I was amazed at the extent to which #Anthyodya is implemented delivering good governance & EMPOWERment to the deprived to help them fight their war on poverty & win
It is also the fountain head of the largest political party in the world, the BJP
The purpose of this blog is to generate an interest in reading & understanding it & making it a matter of research by Universities teaching Humanities & Politics
There’s a compelling case for it’s Understanding & adoption perennially as opposed to other isms which are circumstantial

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